17 thoughts on “☯ GET SUPER PALE WHITE SKIN IN 10 MINUTES SUBLIMINAL – Radiant Pale Skin

  1. mona gh

    i have a hyper pigmentation, does this subliminal help me to get of the pigmentation and pale at the same time or not ?

  2. Sophia Grande

    +Akuo Subliminals I have dark inner thighs and private parts will this help me to lighten those areas?

  3. Pls get out from my acc. Dont hack me.

    can i listen with earphones and not headphones? cause im going on a vacation soon and my bag is too full to bring headphones? PLS ANSWER

  4. Hyung

    Would it be okay to listen to this with only one earbud?

    I've been listening 2-3 times a day the past three days and I'm hoping to see results even though I'm already a splotchy pale I want to look a little more dead lol

  5. DimanaDraws ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Day 1:Nothing so far.Normal slightly tan skin(Note I listen to it 3 times.Normay either reading or drawing while doing so)

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