15 Signs You Are RICH

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19 thoughts on “15 Signs You Are RICH

  1. Majd Ismail

    Thank you so much i dont know how to thank you … if i become rich you would be a large contributer

  2. Josh Ortiz

    Ive only watched 2 Alux videos and basically their message is: if you dont make lots of money you ll never be happy!! Good bye! Im going back to watching the School of Life videos

  3. paraag krishna

    You have changed my lifestyle and the way of living my and handling my huge wealth. I'm so proud and privileged that I'm a part of this community and it has changed my life. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart and I literally mean it.

  4. Theuna Hime

    Even your exercise time is productive… With assistants and reviewing your stock options and global news

  5. Zelda Zong

    Our society is changing fundamentally: from the capitalist way of thinking and acting to a society based on resources. This video is so undeveloped and old-fashioned, but it's right to earn millions is nothing because the money has lost its value. Monetary system is just an illusion but we humans are real and most of us easily manipulate to believe what is said in this video 🙂

  6. Marta Tadese

    I like the topic you are talking now. really its very intersting.
    please I would like if you add this topic " how to start business from zero". please reply back

  7. Raquel M

    challenges are welcome for progress, the contrast is an opportunity for ideas to appear. Thanks for your videos. They help for visualisation as well

  8. Kenneth Mills

    Here's the thing, not everything that glitters is gold, not everything that looks like a lump of coal is a lump of coal. Really successful people aren't thinking rich poor, they're thinking good bad. Some of the dumbest people are focused on raw wealth (Trump, Dubai decadence). People like John Coltrane or Jesus Christ are far from having wealth like Prince Charles, say, but they changed the world nonetheless. Money is nothing compared with doing God's work: stuff that is not lucrative, but oh so satisfying, because it is genuinely GOOD! Don't fall into the slaveowners trap of thinking that slaves are sooo lazy but slaveowners are such hard workers. This is too easy and self-serving to actually be true! People that value wealth above all else tend to be the problem not the solution. Jesus said if you are trying to be the first among your peers, SERVE your peers. He who serves the most wins. Counterintuitive but probably true. The world is full of rich jerks. Bill Gates is by far the exception. Donald trump, psychopath, more of the rule!

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