Monthly Archives: September 2014

Doing What You’ve Got to Do

When you’re an artist who is trying to capture the attention of users on Soundcloud, you’ve got to build yourself a decent following of users who are going to comment on your music. No matter how great your music might be it’s way too easy to fall through the cracks or disappear under the sheer amount of music that already exists on the music streaming service which has helped launch multiple professional careers. This is why a friend of mine actually goes out of the way to get Soundcloud comments! It might seem a little shady but it really does work. Continue reading

I Found an Apartment in the City

I knew that I needed to find a Portland apartment quickly, but I was finding that easier said than done. I had planned on going there several times, but something came up each time. Time was running short though, and I was running out of options. I decided to just look online to see if I could find a nice apartment that way. Within minutes, I saw where I should have done this from the beginning of my apartment search. I was able to find a really nice apartment in less than 20 minutes, and I was even able to look at pictures of it too.

The main thing is that I wanted to live in a safer neighborhood, so I limited my search to only those areas that I felt secure in. After that, I looked at prices, then at what the apartments each offered. I was able to take a look at different floor plans for a complex that had a lot of amenities, and that is how I came to be a resident in one of the two bedroom apartments there. Continue reading

Speech Recognition is Necessary Now

With the popularity of smartphones ever on the rise and their increasing technological capabilities allowing users to browse the web, social media and even game it has become more important that efficient audio to text software becomes incorporated into each of these devices, for ease of use and safety concerns. I’ve found myself fumbling with the touch keyboards more often than I care to admit and for users like my my mother it becomes even more difficult to try and type in a query with such a tiny, touch sensitive keyboard. Thus, the need for more advanced speech recognition software is paramount.

Thankfully there are plenty of companies whoa re working on this problem as we speak and it will no doubt come to pass that smartphones is the next three to five years will have remarkable speech recog. software. Already I have seen massive improvements made to my Android. Continue reading

Got a Free Trip to Vegas

I guess that I am going to get a free trip to Las Vegas and a room at Caesar’s Palace for three or four days. My plan is to duck in and out of the SEO conference just enough to make it look like I was there doing the job, but that is not so big of a deal. This is not really business. In fact it is payback. The department head owes me and he owes me really big. He had his chestnuts in the fire and I saved him, although to be honest I did not really want to do it. The truth is that I do not like him all that much and he is a bit of a pain. I did it because the alternative might well have been worse. Continue reading