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We Love Holding Parties for Our Daughter and Being Invited to Other Parties

My husband and I had always wanted a child of our own, but we were so busy with our careers for the first decade of our marriage. I would remind him from time to time that we should not lose sight of our dream of having a child, and that we should make it a priority. He agreed, and we talked of when the right time would be. I dreamed of having great outings with our child, fun birthday parties complete with kids party invitations and so much more. We decided that he would continue working and I would take some time off once we had a child so that I could be home with him or her until they reached pre-school age.

We had our dream baby two years ago. Life is just as busy as it was for me prior to our new little girl, but life definitely felt better with her in our lives. My husband eased up at work a little so that he could spend more time with us. Continue reading

I Am Going to Need a New Laptop

Of course I could fix this one, but instead I think that I will wait a couple of weeks and try to find one of those huge Cyber Monday 2014 laptop deals. This one works still, although not very well. I am guessing that the hard drive is going to fail soon and so I bought a little hard drive and I take it with me every place I go to back up every thing that I do. This one is a tiny laptop hard drive. It fits neatly in your shirt pocket. In fact it is a bit more than a quarter of an inch think and probably five inches long and a bit more than two inches wide. It still holds a terabyte of data and you can power it with a USB cable, so you do not need to have the power outlet from the wall hooked up to it. It only cost me a little over sixty bucks.

At any rate I can figure on this thing going out at any moment, but so long as I back it up and only use it when I need to I can make it last until Christmas I hope. At any rate I have my iPad and a desk top computer at home. So I could improvise in the short term if and when this lap top stops working. Obviously I could replace the hard drive on it, in the hope that it is the thing that needs to be done. However I am thinking that I would be better served to just buy a new machine at the best price that I can find. The tech on these things moves so fast that any machine you get is going to be obsolete almost instantly and mine is over four years old.