Monthly Archives: December 2014

Automated Packaging Systems Are Cool to Watch in Operation

I am just amazed at the new packaging system we had installed on our production line. The machines are smart and keep going hour after hour year round. Our output and retail order fulfillment never lags behind now. We used to have stores calling us about empty space on the shelves threatening to fill it with other products. Now we meet full customer demand with the ability to ramp up production for the holidays. If you go and look at the video at, you will see what I mean.

These are the same packaging machines we have at our production facility. They never short fill a box and they never overfill a box. Continue reading

Got a Little Place in Denton County

We got us a little piece of land near Grapevine Lake. It is about five and a half acres, but we can not really use a good part of the land as it has a marshy area in it. We have not yet finished clearing the lot and I have been talking to the Texas electricity companies in Northlake about running a power line in there. I am thinking that I will get one of those storage pods and leave it there with my tools and enough fuel and lubricants for the equipment. Of course my brother in law can borrow one of those little bobcats and we have been using it to do some of the clearance. I have to get something to get rid of the stumps next. Continue reading