Monthly Archives: April 2015

Getting My Photos Organized Finally

When I decide to do something, I like to jump right on it rather than procrastinate. That is why I was looking at scanning software a few days ago. I decided that it was high time to finally scan all of the pictures I have accumulated over the years because they were getting damaged in their present forms. The last time I looked at a photo album, I noticed that the quality of some of the pictures was starting to degrade, and I knew that I wanted to scan all of them before I looked one day and it was just not going to be possible to do that anymore.

I had heard good things about a program called ScanSpeeder, but I had never used it myself. I wanted to see what all it was capable of handling before spending any money on it, and that allowed me to find out that it truly is the best one for me. I like that I can put more than one photo on the scan bed at a time. Continue reading

Selling a Building for Profit

There was a building that was being sold in my community and I purchased it for a cheap price. The building used to be a factory, but when the business closed, the building became abandoned and run down. I purchased the building with the intent of fixing it up and then selling it. The building needed new windows, plumbing repair, and I had to hire commercial roof replacement in Morris County NJ. I was glad that I would have to do all of the repairs myself, because that would have taken forever if it was just me.

Having the building fixed was the easy part. Continue reading