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Reliant Energy Gives Back to the Community

I wanted to find out more about Reliant in Dallas when I found out they were one of the leaders in the energy market for the area I was moving to. This was the first time where I actually had a choice in the company providing this service to me, and I wanted to make sure that I got the one that was the best match for me. Since Reliant services so many customers, I wanted to find out what makes them so great. When I saw that they were actually the first energy company in Houston, it upped my level of respect for them.

Any company that can last as long as they have is obviously doing something right. Continue reading

Why I Switched to CPL Energy

When I heard that CPL Texas had helped a local community with some safety issues, I wanted to find out the source to see how accurate this information was. I was really surprised to find out that this energy company goes above and beyond to help Texas customers and the areas where their homes are. I was able to find a website that actually has a lot of information on it about CPL and the other energy companies that Texas residents and business owners can choose from. I was interested in learning more about CPL, so I was happy to see that there was a section that had a lot of info on this energy company.

That is where I read about their charitable contribution to make sure certain areas of the city were lit after dark. Continue reading

Small Machines That Can Package HUge Quantities Fast

We grow oats. Organic oats actually. We are not a large farm. Just big enough to make enough tonnage of our organic breakfast cereal to make it a regionally popular item. We sell the rest of what we grow to commercial buyers. When I first concocted the recipe to cook the oats into our unique cereal, we sold it in bags tied at the top with bread ties. We have since moved on to sealed inner bags that are packed in cartons using bag in box machines. We have one machine that bags up the cereal and another that puts them into boxes. Continue reading

How Do You Get Rid of Canada Geese?

The boss was really mad today. He came back from lunch today and one of the Canada Geese we have hanging out on grounds left something on the windshield of his brand new Mercedes Benz. Of course he has a little handgun in his glove box and he was really tempted to start blasting away at them apparently. He was not so mad that he wanted to go to jail for firing a gun in the city. He told me to do some research on bird control in NJ. The thing that he does not want to do is to get in trouble with the people who look after wildlife here in this state. Of course the Canada Goose has really stopped acting like a wild animal to a large extent. They do not migrate back to Canada any longer, or at least most of them do not. Instead of acting in their traditional ways, they go looking for food that people have discarded. Continue reading