Monthly Archives: June 2016

My Birthday Plans Were Very Successful

Wanting a nice birthday for myself, I decided that I would plan my own festivities. I realized that I was 40 years old, and I had never even had a birthday party in my honor, after I reached the age of 13. I was not having a pity party, I simply thought it would be nice to treat myself and invite my friends to have some fun with me. Most of them hadn’t had any parties thrown in their honor either, so I thought that they would enjoy mine. The first order of the day was to call to talk to them about transportation.

I had always wanted to ride in a limo, but never had a chance to before. I figured that my birthday was a good time to knock something off of my bucket list. I wasn’t getting any younger, and I also thought it would be a lot of fun. I was a little nervous about what the cost would be, but I quickly learned that renting one for the night was a fraction of the cost of what I wrongly assumed it would be. Continue reading