13 thoughts on “65+ Being old in rural Japan

  1. Sok Har Chia

    lonely and sadness you may encounter but what to do you have left alone helpless due to the material world outside that the children have to venture out to earn a living hoping the next generation will be able to complete with the world

  2. Sok Har Chia

    live have to go on even the children have to leave them to work in the cities.
    old folk are always stay back and care the farm and land. we call this is life,

  3. sm k

    The biggest problem of old age is loneliness. Sad that modern societies around the world doesn't address this issue. The solution for old age loneliness is companionship with life partner and children. Almost all old age people shown in this video are lonely. Its time that modern societies around the world looked at the cost if this rapid development, which does not allow for a little space for the old people to live with their loved ones.

  4. ItsMeKarl Scorpio

    People who live in rural areas tend to live longer than city dwellers. Aging population is also a big problem in most developed countries specially in europe. There are even entire towns in Spain and Italy with no young people or villages with no more than 100 people..


    highly salute to Japanese people More power and God bless. Thank you also to the people took up this documentaries episode very informative.

  6. Barbara Stepien-Foad

    I used to work developing services for older people but am now becoming older myself and have to start thinking about the future and coping with older age. I noticed that the people in this documentary sat on low seating, nearly the floor, I wonder if that helps in strengthening the muscles? does anyone know?
    here in the UK we are encouraged to sit higher the older we become as it's meant to be good for the back.
    Does anyone have any ideas on this please?

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