16 thoughts on “AH Animated – Popping Hydrants

  1. friendlyelites

    we can all agree right now, that the british are wrong about a lot of things, including underground fire hydrants

  2. Elle van Veelen

    This is amazing… All of the little details in the animation. It just makes it so much better.

  3. Rafaela Vasilantonakis

    I'm with Gavin on this one. The fire hydrants are under the street. They look like manhole covers but without the holes in the lid and they can't be opened. That's how it is in Australia and England. Might not be in other countries. So suck it Geoff and micheal

  4. the buildingking1

    Gavin there is no winning for you, there are millions of Americans that would agree with Michael and Geoff


    wait 85 Degrees is hot for these guys?
    shit … Come to California summers are normaly like 110 …

  6. Jirishninja

    My town doesnt have hydrants, everyone has well water so there is basically no localized town water. It's interesting trying to explain to people from literally the next town over that we dont have them.

  7. gaskamp2

    "What if it's very warm inside your house, ok; what if it's 85*"

    85 is not that hot. That's like late spring weather. They live in Texas yet they complain at eighty-bloody-five; call me when it gets to 105, then you'll have something to complain about.

  8. Andrew Wright

    Also some cities during summer run the risk of a power outage so that is why certain cities pop fire hydrants, because the power is out.

  9. nick mcguinness

    I have to agree with Gavin for this
    Partially because we don't have hydrants in Australia either

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