An Apartment for Me and My Pups

When I started looking at apartments near Alamo Heights, I knew that I had to find one that allowed dogs. I have two small beagles, and there was no way I was going to move into a complex that did not welcome my dogs as well. I did a search for apartment complexes that are pet friendly, and that is how I found the Niche Apartments. I read their dog policy, and I was happy with what I found out about it. I would be able to have both dogs there with me, so I started looking at the floor plans to see if I could find one I was happy with.

There are several different floor plans available. There are one, two and three bedroom options. The two and three bedroom units also have two bathrooms in each one. It is just me, but I still struggled between the one and two bedroom options. I knew that I would not have any overnight guests, but I do work from home so having a home office was very appealing. The difference in price between the one and two bedroom was not huge either, so I decided to look at the floor plans for the two bedroom units.

There were two different ones, and the main difference was just the square feet for each one. I looked at the smaller one since I really don’t need anything too huge, and the smaller one did cost less money too. The master bedroom is 14 feet by 11 feet, and there is a master bath right off of it. There is also a large closet on the other side. The other bedroom, which is what I now use as my office, is big enough for my desk plus a couple of bookcases, and the two beds for my dogs, since they stay with me all day. It really is the perfect place for the three of us.

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