1. tesha johnston

    I'm more than motived now…. wish I seen your video before I ate that chicken sandwich an hour ago lol

  2. S Thompson

    love your videos…my dad has diabetes also and he takes a shot once a day…does your mom take shots…just was wondering because I am gonna tell my dad about the vinegar

  3. dallasxr1

    Try this!!!!!!!!!!! I do apple cider vinegar and green tea!!!!! it works….brew your tea like normal let it cool down then splash some vinegar in it very healthy

  4. Shannon O'connor

    Hey girl I tried joining the fb group a few times now and every time I go back it says "join group" I tried again and hope I can get in it!

  5. Princessa G

    Back in the 80s I went to the Diet Center. Part of their eating plan was 2 tablespoon of ACV daily. They suggested to add it to your salad so I put it in my low fat salad dressing. I found that easier than drinking it. Just a tip for those that are struggling with the drink. I lost 30 pounds on that diet.

  6. Melissa Harnish

    Hi..you look beautiful. .thank you for sharing..i need to lose alot of weight. .your a inspiration. .

  7. Chani Carroll

    You skin looks amazing! I requested to be apart of the FB page but I haven't been approved yet… I could definitely use the motivation

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