BAD Kitty Chases EVE 🙊

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11 thoughts on “BAD Kitty Chases EVE 🙊

  1. Ava Mae

    If Nolly doesn't want a bath you should get spay shampoo! You just spray her with it in between baths and you have to bath her twice as less!

  2. Summer Rose

    U don't wanna shave her bc the sun can still give her sun burn her fur keeps the sun away an keeps her cool from the sun. With out her fur its not hard to get sun burn so leave her fur and keel doing what your doing

  3. TindraBeam

    If you use a bucket or pitcher to wet your dog, make sure to avoid pouring water over the head. Use a washcloth to clean the head. To prevent the dog from getting into the dirt it might be a good idea to keep her on a leash, give her a treat and dry her with a towel . It's also important to use warm (not hot) water. You sure have a lovely dog!

  4. Dakota Smith

    The undercoat is what makes dogs shed during that time of year. As the undercoat comes up through the regular fur, it can also cause mats. We card our dog to keep her from shedding so much. I don't know the exact term, but if you search for a "carding tool" or "carding brush" you'll probably find the right thing 🙂


    I've always seen Nolly as this sweet geriatric dog, but I saw how quick she stole that cookie out of Lincoln's hand in Bonnie's vlog! She's still a naughty puppy =P

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