Beerus VS All Gods of Destruction At Full Power (Dragon Ball Super)

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19 thoughts on “Beerus VS All Gods of Destruction At Full Power (Dragon Ball Super)

  1. Jay Way

    I just gotta say Toppo gave Mastered Blue Goku a nut shot….you can train fists, feet, arms, legs, abs, back, & pecs…but the nutsack is a whole different story.

  2. Dark Lord Hades

    Toppo transformed in the manga which he didn't do in the anime. No wonder Complete Super Saiyan Blue Goku got his ass kicked in the manga where in the anime he stalemate Toppo as a regular Super Saiyan Blue.

  3. Original Name

    Didn't Toppo state that if he hadn't counter attacked he might've lost that match, whether then or not I don't know.

  4. J-Ex Machina

    Here's How I Rank The God's Of Destruction

    Vermouth (Til More Info Beerus Is Stronger For Now/Are Somewhat Equals Or Rivals)
    Champa/Quitela (These 2 Are Interchangeable For Now/May Be Equals Or Rivals)
    Then The Rest Just Fall Into Place Whatever They May Be In Strength/Power For Now Until Further Info Is Released

    Anyway Bye Now Chow!

  5. FriezaDBZKing69

    Toppo stated himself that he would have possibly lost to Goku if he didn't counter him right away. He had to cheap shot Goku to knock him out. Mastered SSJB Goku is still not stronger than Merged Zamasu.

  6. FriezaDBZKing69

    Beerus didn't do shit to the other Hakaishin. He simply dodged them in a fight and was still massively wounded by Bermod and Rummshi.

  7. Ricard de Virgo

    1:54, look how far this hast gotten. I remember Frieza back in the Name saga as this overpowered super villain almost impossible to defeat, and now all the beings who could one shoot him get knocked out by one god of destruction… insane.

  8. casa nova

    there are 6 saiyans left in the anime. it is possible that goku could get recharged if they wanted to share energy. or even more interesting they can do the god ritual on kale. what would happen if kale , a Berserk saiyan attained god abilities ?

  9. David

    That Jiren is>Vermoud we already knew that from the anime. It's not exactly news. But Toppo's said だけ who means "If we're ONLY talking about battle power, Jiren is above Vermoud." This seems to imply that Jiren only has the upper hand in power output. If Jiren were straight-up a tier above there would be absolutely no reason to phrase it that way. Vermoud is better in others area.

  10. Benedek Sikura

    Toopo dont stronger than goku goku only lose cause there's no flying and and even if flying doesn't exist toppo only faster yes i know that ''strong'' can means 2 thing first is: stronger by power and second is: stronger by battle skills and power

  11. Isaiah Rubio

    Beerus is the most SKILLED. The reason why he was finessing the other Gods is because he was demonstrating an un-Mastered version of Ultra Instinct. And you have to keep in mind even if the Clown God of Destruction was weaker than Beerus, Jiren would be evenly matched with him, and the Grand Priest stopping Quitela and Beerus with one finger isn’t that cool, because Whis (and any other angel) could do the same.’

  12. daarkbuu

    But merged Zamasu is complete fodder in the manga, you can't even compare him to anime Zamasu, why is Toppo being stronger than him so impressive?

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