17 thoughts on “BlazBlue: Alter Memory – Available Now on S.A.V.E.

  1. nintendoluigi

    Funi, this is a Hoods Entertainment animated show… you have one more Hoods show left to license….    Sentai got Seikon, but you guys can get Manyuu Hikenchou. Come on now!

  2. ILLuminated Onxy

    Well instead of this
    We would like a new Akame Ga Kill
    Where they try to get tatsumi back
    Or just a great anime like it

  3. SaiyanGamer95

    The anime was okay, but fairly lackluster. Going through CT in only about 3 episodes and spending the other episodes on CS. At the very least, they should have had half of the anime follow CT while the other half followed CS.

  4. Serious Series

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  5. Howlingwolfjoey

    I really don't understand why everyone is crap-talking about the anime. IMO, i think the anime was ok.

  6. ThePikachuvirus

    Kinda wish they got a bigger budget to make more seasons of this anime. Maybe hire better animators too…

    …but I guess the series is dead in the water now. This anime and the game series now that the final installment is out.

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