19 thoughts on “Bloodborne OST – Rom, the Vacuous Spider

  1. LewdSoda

    She literally did nothing wrong. She was just sitting in a lake with her babies minding her own business.

  2. Imani Roberson

    i started hearing voices and left this video..then came back fuck you rom you wont beat me again

  3. Crazyspadger360

    N is for never again

    O is for oh god no

    P is for please no more of this

    E is for Exiting from this bullshit


  4. TheOverlord818

    This boss is very easy, a little more harder than the witch but jesus fucking christ, i die over 12 times fighting the spider, meanwhile i defeat the cleric beast at the third try, father gastritis at the second try, even with paarl i tried less than 5 times, almost every other boss in less 5 times but for some stupid reason that fucking spider killed me over 12 times, I SPEND OVER 1 and a half hour trying to kill this bitch, this is when i realize that i turn from a hunter into a potato

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