18 thoughts on “Boil or spot squeezing and lancing

  1. Sarge OUR12

    This wanker is not a doctor. I'm no expert but even I could tell that you don't do some of the things they way he did it. And if you notice he was like big noting the utensils he was using. They way he flashed them in front of the camera and how he was asking for them. Idiot. He didnt remove all the sack. He didn't use blunt disection at all and was quite brutal. Was also no evidence of anisthetic being used and he didn't stitch him up. Why ? Coz he is not a doctor and doesn't know how to stitches. And what was keep looking after the forceps all about as well ?  I hate fakes.

  2. 69peridot

    somebody got some new tools and wanted to try them out, too bad they didn't know what they were doing, that person is going to have a bigger scar because of it.

  3. Sarge OUR12

    Note how he shows the instruments in front of the camera before using them. He also made a big deal about using the instruments names. He didn't even sound like a real doctor. In my opinion he didn't even squeeze it properly. He probably could have squeezed the sack out if he knew what he was doing.

  4. Sarge OUR12

    I am surprised he did not blunt dissect the sack away from the tissue. A bit rough. This idiot is not a doctor at all. I have watched enough of these to know that this wanker has no idea what he is doing. He is pretending to be a doctor for the video. I guarantee it. You are a fucking moron mate. You made a total dick of yourself. Lucky no one knows who you really are, except for the others with you.

  5. Triss R

    Pretty sure that was a cyst, not a boil. And that's not how you remove one, you should've gone to a dermatologist instead to get it removed. If you didn't get the entire sack wall out there's a good chance that it'll just come back.

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