18 thoughts on “BOUGIE SOLITERRE Superficial

  1. omar chahrouk

    nude dimensions brought me here. Absolute banger! If only the bars and clubs in Sydney can get sounds like this happening! Bring back the house!

  2. Miguel Mancha

    i was living in Brighton when this track was released and got the promo can't remember from who… has all the other work from Bettina Constanzo (i think this is her name) and became a big fan of her work and your voice Kavita…. after a few months or so i also grabbed your own Album…. well done… one day i would love to work on something original with your voice… expect nothing like Bettina's work as she is top producer, but you will not be disappointed… Peace

  3. Ken Hall

    i bonded to this song back in fall of 01' and now when i hear it, it brings back such vivid memories, impressions and feelings, i was dealing with some heavy dark stuff but at the same time was falling deep in love with a most wonderful lady. listening to this, i relive that feeling. but without the stressful stuff. glad i typed superficial in the search box. beautiful song.

  4. Brendan Hill

    Unbelievable! I rarely find anything these days that satisfies my ears but THIS, this is just incredible

  5. troponick

    A stunning piece of deep house, which sounds a little different to the norm. The album it's from is also ace!

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