Breaking Tonight 8/19/17, Trump’s Family Makes A HEARTBREAKING Announcement!, Trump News Today

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19 thoughts on “Breaking Tonight 8/19/17, Trump’s Family Makes A HEARTBREAKING Announcement!, Trump News Today

  1. Ernie Cordero

    Trump and his family deserve our out most respect and support, We the People should all pray for our President so that he shall triumph over all these bad, ugly and evil people. GOD bless our President and our American people. In Faith in GOD we shall triumph

  2. Rich Simmons

    Trump is so good looking compared with the Communist garbage people
    and the gooks The white race is the only thing worth saving in this world
    With out white people the world is a hell on earth
    the future of humanity lies with the white race
    The Jews know this and are trying their best to sabotage us
    White men must slaughter their racial enemies wholesale with out apology
    The world could do just fine with out gooks, Jews or niggers

  3. Joe Smith

    Unlike Trump supporters, educated people want a president that actually gets something done and not just someone who tells them what they want to hear, Trump supporters are still living in a fantasy that will eventually run out into reality. CRASH

  4. Joshua Kong

    He is the biblical david who after killing Goliath became King, and Donald and his family would stay a long time in WH after this latest fight…Trust Jesus Christ.

  5. Ja Ja

    Eric doesn't have to give money to find cures for diseases, they have them already and hidden from the masses because there is too much money to be lost if people were healthy. His dad should push to get these onto the market asap and throw those who would rather see humanity ill into prison where scumbags belong.

  6. Nat May

    Gorge Soros paying all this redecall paying lot of people to destroy American Why we are waiting Kill the baster

  7. Donald Reed

    The saddest thing is that "politicians" not only want to "Impeach" our "President"- They also wish to assassinate him

  8. The Heckler

    If you are a Christian like Trump it's ok to grab a woman by the cunt………(sorry)………pussy.  It would be fun to grab your wife or daughter by the cunt………(sorry)……..pussy.  Trump is no more a Christian than Putin is a Jew……………………….The Cocksucker In Chief Forrest Trump……….."Lets Make Russia Great Again"

  9. Sean Whittle

    Claiming to agree with one word of this disgrace should be enough to warrant suspension of their citizenship. Hate and ignorance are the worse things we now suffer. The fact that our POTUS leads in those maladies are all we need to know. Impeach, convict, imprison.

  10. Cathy Frasquillo

    I just wanna punch Comey, Obama, Hillary Bush and all these dam people and cronies. I want hit each and everyone of you. That how I feel. Trump Trump he's my man wish I could help anyway I can!!!!

  11. Cathy Frasquillo

    God please help this family!!!! Help the Trump's!!! Plzzzzz God!!! They love and obey only you God. They help us. And all these idiots try to stop them Dear Lord Jesus help this family!!!!!

  12. vgnorweck

    Yes he's treaded like crap. It's pathetic. All this gossip, lies and constant attacks just proves they are afraid of him And God

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