BROWN GOLD | Realistic Farming Simulator 17 | Dusty Cove | Day 18 Part 2

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17 thoughts on “BROWN GOLD | Realistic Farming Simulator 17 | Dusty Cove | Day 18 Part 2

  1. Michael Smedly

    Hey Daggerwin there are too new awesome rigs on fs 17 now me and my friend got too of them they are fast they get the job done they are awesome

  2. Mandy Whitham

    Daggerwin is there anyway of talking to you via messages cause I have some enquiries about machinery restorer because I own a Honda h1200 ride on lawn mower and would love to talk about getting spares for it from you. Many thanks

  3. Marianne Le Sech

    Replace some of your tractors after harvest because if your tractors have hours over 10 or 20 it's expensive for your farm and most of your tractors are too big considering they don't need that much power, such as new holland and claas the valtra is fine because of mowing

  4. Brian Cooper

    When (if) you want to use a lot of manure I would suggest using the ITRunner system and individual conveyors to load on the ground. So leave a tub container and load with the small conveyer at each manure point except your base fill point. Take full tubs to the base and tip. Load the manure spreader(s) with a large(+a small) conveyer at the base. If you have the money to buy it will save a lot of time.

  5. InsideFarmingSim

    hey guys sorry for commenting this on one of daggers vids:) but I just wanted to say that I too have started a YouTube channel about fs17. so I would really appetite it if you went over to my channel and had a look at it:))

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