13 thoughts on “CHANGE YOUR MIND AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL – Best Motivational Videos Compilation for 2017

  1. Savannah Sullivan

    This inspired me to continue my art contest because I felt like giving up. So many times I looked for others opinion, and I just lost my spark, my color. But this has inspired me to keep trying to never give up. Let me tell you now all the hours of sitting at my desk with a blank paper, I've crumbled up so many fails at drawing. But still I never gave up.

  2. O Mundo de Ben

    those techniques would work for people living inside the USA, but wouldn't work for people in Iraque, Iran, North Korea… you see it depends of the circumstances. for me success is having enough for yourself, that means just having what you really needs and leave the rest to somebody else. you only need one single place to live in, you don't need a mansion; you only need one car not two. these people talking live in houses they don't even know all the rooms, is that success. these people are puppets, that's all. all these saying comes to materialism and consumism.

  3. Girl With Hustle

    I start every morning out with one of these!! Just believe you can and go and encourage others

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