19 thoughts on “Crazy Boat Engines

  1. slidestang242

    people that put false thumbnails like this are the shittiest shit heads in shit head land.. please go to shit head hell with this shit head ass shit

  2. مهرداد پرست

    کیرتک تک شماها توکون سیدعلی خامنه ای رهبر کونی ماملت ایران که حسرت یک دوچرخه رودلمون مونده چه رسدبه این چیزها ترابخدا بما ملت ایران کمک کنید تااز دست رهبرخونخوارمان سیدعلی خامنه ای خلاص شویم شمااها ادنهای خوبی هستید مارا کمک کنید باسپاس ازشما بزرگواران
    ازطرف یک شههروندایرانی مرگ برجمهوری اسلامی زنده باد ازادی زنده باد پریزیدنت دونالد ترامپ عزیزعشق ما ایرانیها

  3. Gordon Anderson

    Awww, we didn't get to see the old Mercury with the megaphone exhaust. That was my favorite to drive.


    I can't believe all these hater in the comments. Chill out it's just one of a million videos. Geez. Besides every one of these boats are better than the complainers boat. No wonder there's no respect for each other in the country

  5. Bob Faestel

    What is the deal with all of these boats running on the trailer??? Or even better just engines running on a stand, who cares??? Put the boats in the water then shoot some video. This is a waste of 8 minutes I will never get back.

  6. Lonnie Moore

    Jack Ass, Click Bait Mother Fuc*ers… Where the Crazy outboard shown in the thumbnail? You SUCK!

  7. nathan greer

    I saw shitty boats in 1986 that were more spectacular than this shit. Fuck you fuck this fake video

  8. M

    455 olds is the worst motor you can have in a jet boat, they are turds. The money you'd have to spend to make it fast would be better used to buy a better engine.

    Most jet boat hills are turds however only a hand full of companies actually made fast(racing fast) hulls.

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