Destined To Be Yours Teaser Ep. 15: The most heartbreaking conversation

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13 thoughts on “Destined To Be Yours Teaser Ep. 15: The most heartbreaking conversation

  1. Christine Gomez

    evertime bengie utters sweet words or do sweet gestures to sinag… I would say "sinungaling ka bengie, sinungaling ka"…kinikilig ako pero sinungaling ka talaga bengie.. hahahaha.. kulet.

  2. Mari Za

    ang ganda ng DTBY. weekend na naman di ko mapapanood ng 2 days. replay mode na lang ng maraming beses.

  3. merlyn bulado

    ops.. what teary scene tonight. .. ayae ko nyan… heheh … sana may iba pang sound track na e play…. sa episode.

  4. Grams Deveraux

    guys watch nyo yung scene na naglabas ng hinanakit si benjie kay sinag march 16, sobrang galing ni alden wala ako masabi! di dinaan sa sound effects or camera tricks. PURE TALENT! along with the other cast, ms Lotlot de leon, janice de belen, gardo versoza, sheena halili, mr padilla and si badong are also very effective. Maine, of course, pang best actress din halos pantay na sila ni Alden, these two are proving to be indeed a POWER COUPLE in philippine show business.

  5. Marvel Heart

    I would've said that the OST is too melancholic (when it should've been better romantic), but at least this time it does fit the emotions needed in the scene. So thumbs up for that. However, I still can't say the same towards the dialogue (and those lengthy monologues that tend to be boring). I could tolerate a plot that's predictable if the dialogues are at least engaging and reflects realism.

    Plus, the tired "walk-out" scenes just scream lazy writing to me, especially if it's being done excessively, not to mention within the same episode. Seriously, this production team could've, oh wait, should've done better, considering how long anticipated this was among the fans of the two. The type of writing and production value of this series should've at least been as good as 'Illustrado' which also starred Alden and was produced by GMA. So why can't they do that same treatment for this series is a big question to me.

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