DIY Tangy BBQ Sauce – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

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13 thoughts on “DIY Tangy BBQ Sauce – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

  1. Deva Path

    Is there any Sauce that doesn't contain these ingredients in them:
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Lisa Boutin

    I agree about the knife Sarah, and even better – include a sharpener. Best money I ever spent was for my Wüsthof Santoku that came with the sharpener. Honestly, it's the only knife I ever use.

  3. jessicarabit

    Who has the time for 1.5 hrs/2 hrs for BBQ…buy Sweet Baby Ray or Bull's Eye (American Test Kitchen)

  4. ckrtom2

    I'm pretty much a traditionalist so the color and texture of this is a bit off-putting. It looks gloppy and orangey — and maybe too tomatoey (?) — even though I love tomatoes. I prefer smooth and a rich brown/rust color for BBQ sauce. I'm sure your sauce is tasty though…

  5. Heghineh Cooking Show

    Haven't though of making my own bbq sauce , such a good idea plus it looks really good !
    Thank you !

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