Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 September 23rd 2017 Countdown | Official

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16 thoughts on “Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 September 23rd 2017 Countdown | Official

  1. chronicle a

    10. 6/10 see earlier
    9. 7/10 see earlier
    8. 0/10 I seriously hate this more than LWYMMD now. Definitely my #1 on my worst list. No doubt about it. Should I review it?
    7. 5/10 Every listen gets more and more ear grating.
    6. 8/10 All good things must come to an end -.-
    5. 7/10 Grew on me a bit. Glad its increasing, hopefully, it dethrone's swift soon.
    4. 7/10 Have yet to listen to it the whole way through. But so far, I like it.
    2. 2/10 Still better than the songs its sandwiched between.
    1. 0/10 Yeah… it still sucks. A lot. My friend pointed out even more flaws in it. I called the production a white version of Diva by Beyonce during the conversation which I think is a good snapshot of the production; which is easily the worst part of the song.


    Verdict: Times are changing though some complete stinkers are still sticking around.

  2. Mauricio Vanegas Arevalo

    Smarth Mente agree muy sobrevalorada no lo.merece bombardean mucho con ella no soporte ninguna de las dos canciones ni un dia….y mientras mucha gente muere y se queda sin nada por causas del huracan esta vieja tapandose en plata con el mismo tema de de odio y venganza que ya esta bien con eso ya se volvio repetitiva que lo supere..lo unico bueno que ha hecho musicalmente es blank space…she don't deserve it

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