17 thoughts on “Elderly Man Calls 911 for Help, Cops Show Up, Smash In His Face

  1. Allan Gleicher

    Cops are clearly the biggest offenders and are documented as causing many deaths due to poor training and paranoia..

  2. BUDSMOKER 420

    These ("badge warning criminals") create their own fears of their own shadows of the ("general-public")… By the way they treat the ("general-public") and act like gangster thug criminals themselves…!!! Police work is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs…!!!! But they would love to make you ("John Q public") think so…!!!! ("main-stream media ") to ("brainwashing/mind-control") fake news…!!! That's what this corrupt tyrannical kangaroo system does to ("John Q public") on a daily basis…!!!! Wake up people's to the truth, stop living in the lie that they sell you every day and start thinking for yourselves, for your own survivals and your loved ones here on planet stupider…!!!!

  3. BUDSMOKER 420

    > riley ross <
    You said that perfectly…!!!! That's exactly correct, when it comes to these ("badge wearing criminals")…!!!! I lived 50 years-and I have never ever, not once called the ("badge wearing criminals") in my life here on planet stupider…!!!! Hard to believe right…? No it's not, I take care of my own problems and always have and I'm well armed as well, "Body-armor" "bulletproof-helmet" "gas-mask" "major security cameras" with motion detection and night vision all-around my whole house security screen doors and windows and so on and so on…!!! I don't sit and wait for government to do it for me forget that noise…!!!

  4. Ryan Clay

    Hi there Jon Masters, Ryan C. here and when I heard you say "California and Illinois" I was surprised, I mean. …I live in Rockford Illinois so being here and hearing all the stuff on NPR Radio station every morning I am aware of all the crap my state is going through but now I can add the police to this states problem list.

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