12 thoughts on “Elderly or Aging Narcissism: A Family Problem That Worsens With Time 😖

  1. CajunManx

    Whoa. Do you actually think that, even if the elderly narc professed to have changed that he/she actually has changed? These people lie, you know.

  2. Call me Ishmael K

    This is totally true. I tried to cut this bastard out years ago and he's willingfulky infiltrating my marriage and my wufrs extended family trying to enforce his will where he doesntbeven belong. I'm thinking of getting copied of his police record along with a copy of the Hare Psyvhopoathy checklist and sending it annonimousky to all the peoolebhes trying to bullshit and let the evidence speak for itself. Is this a viable option. All these assholes worry about is their image.

  3. Carson Stout

    And one more thing. I'm not sad . Why? Because I grieved this death years ago every time I needed a mother and she refused to be one unless I knew my place in her life. Ding dong….the…(you get the rest)

  4. Carson Stout

    The last few months of my narc mothers life.. I was getting texts from her about her cancer. And how she cries all the time. Never any remorse to do anything other than texts. I had been out of the pic and chosen not to b her 2nd class citizen for years. I felt like she put my brother and I(from her 1st 2 marriages) into such a terrible situation while we both watched her kids w her 3rd husband b the golden children. Fast fwd.. She died this w/o. W her 2 kids by her side. Got my copy of the will. She gave me 5%.. my mentally screwed up older brother 10% and the other 80% to her golden kids. Do I care? No. I learned to b a survivor at 16 When she threw me out. I started a small and successful business( never as good as her golden kids jobs). She thought sticking it to me one last time.. for existing.. Would destroy me. She's 6 feet under today and it's 20 degrees. I'm living my life. I'm happy. I didn't go to her funeral either so I could maintain her facade of a joke family dynamic

  5. Alien FromSpace

    I have been gradually going no contact with my family for about 5 years now slowly just cutting people loose and about a month ago the last to go was my mother. (Not including my children, the lines will ALWAYS be open for them) with all of them gone now, and I have never felt better. Honestly I get little pangs if guilt every now and again, but it’s still worlds better than being scapegoated and triggered constantly by the culprits of my CPTSD.

    Your videos are a comfort. Thanks.

  6. C Bromback

    My mother has several issues..like anxiety disorders with phobias, dependent personality order ( completely dependent on my father and then second husband), and narcissistic personality disorder. She is now almost 80 years old and has never made any attempt at medication or therapy or self help. I have been her victim all my life. She judges me and belittles me making me feel unworthy of good things. She has had a life of extreme ease because when things get rough she flips out. My life has been extremely hard. After years of this mental and emotional abuse she is angry that I won't be her caretaker..Oh well. She has never gone places and done things with me..never came to my apartments to visit me..and treated me like I was of a lower class than she is and that I deserve her pity. I'm not going to feel one bit guilty as I refuse to have contact with her because she was calling almost everyday to complain about not having me as a caretaker. She has tried to manipulate and bribe me into living with her and I am just not going to. There are nice comfortable elderly homes for her to live in and staff she can boss around. And they can enjoy her tantrums.

  7. julisaba

    I think this is very good advice, that by continuing in the dysfunctional relationship is not helping them either. I carved out a very peaceful space for myself in a pretty little town, my aging mother all of a sudden creating drama needed to move from her retirement community to a place near me. while perhaps she needs more care now my safe space is once again destroyed. I now have to figure out a way to save myself at a time I am sick from my childhood abuse, trying to save myself, what to do?

  8. Gracieli Ambrósio

    The problem is that sometimes guilt keeps you close to the narcissist, we think that we can change them and they make you think you are a terrible person if you become independent.

  9. theresa wareness

    How right you are ! I am no contact for 14 years and they are all as bad as ever . I found out on Facebook that my brother had lung cancer , no one told me . I called to speak to him but he was to busy to see me.

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