Everyone’s Favorite “Social Justice Warrior”: JOBLESS LOSER!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Everyone’s Favorite “Social Justice Warrior”: JOBLESS LOSER!!!!

  1. J.B. J.B.

    lmfao…Pay backs are a bitch aint they Kaepershit..No team in their right mind would hire this unpatriotic POS…Bet ppl see u bagging groceries in a few years…Got what u deserve clown..

  2. Joseph Flores Meno

    I'm a army vet i was on the ground 2003 2004 protecting our freedom in America while the Iraqi war conflict first started and you 49er quarterback disrespectful in our American Flag remember freedom isn't free. Go home to where your from。

  3. cso Lis

    Everything Obbummerr touches turns to crap. You expect it to be different? Why ? Because you Are a supper being? Well now, you are what is known in America as a super looser. #OOSUPERNOTHING

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