16 thoughts on “EXO ON CRACK #12 │ The plastics

  1. exo loviee

    you might say that this video is a hot mess

    but rather

    it is a beautiful mess

    a gorgeous disaster

    a magnificent catastrophe

    a- ok that's enough.

    xD Anybells, I couldn't stop dying of laughter at how everything was literally so random, like there was no story, there was no plot, there wasn't just something that the whole video was set around it was just random af, which also reminds me of asdf movies which are gold and also something I love a lot. So thank you 😀

  2. laurine Person

    Why am I screaming the entire mama intro alone in my room when it's 1am?

  3. Sehunnie Sunshine

    when you late to the queen's video, you gotta laugh harder to banish the feeling of self-hatred for not being on time.

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