Famous In Love – 1×09 – Paige and Rainer Practise Scene

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16 thoughts on “Famous In Love – 1×09 – Paige and Rainer Practise Scene

  1. Jeanne Séguineau

    I feel like this scene maybe the best of the entire season. I like when scenes give me thrills, no matter what kind of scenes, and in this scene, we definitely dive in the universe of the cinema industry and of the characters. This scene is well played, really natural, and really catchy

  2. Emma Paige

    Jake had his shot with her but he threw it down the drain. He has no right confessing he has feelings for her when he knows Rainer and her have better chemistry

  3. Canada Berlin

    notice how he reassures her that they will be very close. He notices when she is getting uncomfortable and reassures her that everything will be okay he cares about her well being. that's hot

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