Finding a Nice Apartment for Rent in Jacksonville Florida

We needed a place to stay close to the airport, so we searched for a nice apartment for rent in Jacksonville FL. I would not know if the move for work would be permanent for almost a year. That is how it goes sometimes with a job. I was responsible for flying back and forth from our offices in Jacksonville to the main production facility up north. My wife and I wanted to rent a very affordable place on a one-year lease. If the job turned out to be temporary, we would only have a few months left on a lease we could afford to cover with my housing allowance while needing to get a place wherever we moved to.

My work is okay with the housing benefit. I just did not want any issues with this particular assignment. If I had to move in nine months, then we would be locked into three more months on a lease while having to rent another place. We are saving our money, and we wanted to rely completely on our housing allowance for apartment rental costs. The apartment for rent in Jacksonville FL that we found is close to the airport and is perfect for the two of us. We have room for all of our stuff, and we have very nice neighbors.

I really like the apartment. It is like a duplex house. It is not an apartment building. We have a fenced patio that is nice. We are seriously enjoying the Florida weather, especially since we moved here in the fall. Our friends up north are having snow, and we are having sunshine and warm weather. We are comfortable in our new apartment, and we may stay here if I do get a permanent assignment here. It is not far from work, and the people are nice.

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