Finding Nice Apartments in Nashville Area

I need to find an apartment in Nashville, but I do have some rather specific conditions with regards to what I am going to be looking for in an apartment. It needs to be a nice apartment, but I am not looking for something that is super expensive and highly luxurious. That would just be a waste of money, because I am probably going to buy a house in the next few years. Rather, a nice apartment will do and I am looking for apartments in Nashville to be more specific. So I would like to find a website that has some listings of apartments that are for rent right now, along with their prices, and some more information about the apartments, such as the total square footage.

The last piece of information is also very important to me, because I do not want to live in a tiny apartment. I am going to be moving into the apartment with my girlfriend and her kid. So it is important that we have an apartment that is going to be big enough to accommodate all of us. I want to make sure that will be the case, and so I am going to try to look for only apartments that are at least 3 bedrooms in size. But I really want to rent a 4 bedroom apartment, to be honest with you.

Four bedrooms sounds better to me because I think it would be nice to have the extra room, and maybe we could turn it into a guest bedroom. Rather, I think the most likely use of the space will be to make it an office for myself. I will need an office space in the new apartment, so that makes a lot of sense in my mind as the best use of an extra bedroom.

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