20 thoughts on “FLAT OUT WORK! | Realistic Farming Simulator 17 | Dusty Cove | Day 17

  1. Taran Craw

    Am I missing something? I thought the minimum ground temp. for planting corn/maize was 10deg C. Isn't this crop bound for failure?

  2. Heapsteriser

    Try to turn your trailer towards the trough more Daggerwin so the back of it is pointing towards the trough itself. It may just be a glitch with the trigger itself as this happened to me in Westbridge Hills and it wasn't good really, but I eventually figured it out and pushed the trailer into the trough more. It is annoying though and I feel your pain with this!

  3. Random Duck

    you should try and find some farming style country music, or some music from the country of the farm, eg for the "normal" series on PGR bruzda you could find some typical polish music. I think that would add to the experience of the farm more.

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