10 thoughts on “Gifted ‘Inside The Equation’ Featurette (2017)

  1. a1seus

    Its a trip that for white people its not enough the Human Race solve these seven Problems it gotta be the white race and then it goes even further, its got to be English Blood that discovered everything bahahaha Excuse me if I laugh but really;? To me the English are a bunch of children in the sandlot of life /the world and stomps on everyone's signature castle /technology only to build a new one that resembles the very one they just destroyed, a hack version if you will. wall street likes to call it a GENERIC formula if you will tahaha

    I mean to go out of your way to find relatives, after you failed getting any where with the guardian, oh! but first The teacher is a busybody, then the lady she brings; then she brings the relatives /Grandma, then she fails in court and still goes out of her way to set up a fake family to get want she wants … THESE PEOPLE ARE busybody DEVILS Reminds me of the movie the good neighbor. Busybody kids that need to know whats in the neighbors basement. "Hells bells we WANT TO KNOW WHATS THERE!" These movies depict Caucasians just right a bun of busybody's baaahaha

  2. Celine Donovan

    i love this movie because is about family. family is the shape of your live what ever you doing and whatever you felling your family will be with you always they love you even you have 2 dad or 2 mom or even 1 dad and 1 mom they die you can live with your uncel your aunty grand mother

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