15 thoughts on “Hassan Omar ashamed after mombasa residents said this!!

  1. H. F.

    Wamombasa wamelala sana, coast imebeat, imeparara, Joho anajua mmelala for fo fo, future mbs leaders, Omar and Moha. Mombasa Town speak of itself, imenuka, pesa ya County inalipa, Ali kiba and diamond ma star wa washamba.

  2. Millicent Arigi

    Omar….should tell people how ICC witnesses names were exposed to the demons who eliminated one by one …till the case was thrown out, remember that time Omar was chair at some human rights group….so don't be surprised if he is sharing a bed with them….fat fool

  3. Anne Mmbone

    weather winning or loosing we will remain with baba and NASA keep it up bro don't be double minded

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