14 thoughts on “He Takes Out Sparc Mac On Deadman, Double Whip Drop Back To Back ( BEST OF OSRS #10 )

  1. Herp Skerp

    Does this guy think that's funny acting like a fucking moron. Kid has no friends irl so he acts like a moron on stream. God damn that's just sad dude. Go outside you fucking idiot. Alfie yo gay ass is included. Stop with that dumb fucking voice. Ffs kids you desperate fucks. You're worse than attention whore thots.

  2. jiahkong96

    The black dude on 2nd clip sounds like a lil bitch. But good for him, he's selling that item for real $. Maybe that's why he was so happy.

  3. wrs900

    Hyphonix doing barrows. Ive seen it all. Guy can actually play the game bu gambling addiction takes over. Duel arena should have option to disable it for fixed number of days like 7, 14 and 30 days so people would keep enjoying the game before heading back to stake the bank away. Staking addiction ruined my gameplay for long in rs2 so in osrs i never had acc or main that could stake. Have been happier player since i made the decision niot to go for that sht anymore staking bank every other day.

  4. wrs900

    Tbh what you do is give streamers free advertisement. No1 else cares to do this even tho osrs could use channels like this. If anything ur growing the streamers viewerbase too. Ive found couple entertaining streamers just because i saw their clip onur vid. Its just like sports, the best offs are free to watch when game itself might costsomething. There is really morestuff this channel does right then wrong. Pce and keep it up!

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