16 thoughts on “How LA LA LAND Stole Techniques from Old Hollywood Musicals – Frame by Frame

  1. Anneka Official

    I have a theory about the recent movie ballerina. I think that Felicia's mother is the servant lady, and her father is the dance teacher. My evidence. She wanted to take her in as soon as she realised who she was. People who start out with red hair sometimes grow up to have brown hair. The possible mother and father kiss at the end. The possible mother cares about the music box, which the mother, whoever she may be, gave to Felicia.

    Watch the movie yourself and I think you'll agree. Kind regards, Anneka

    P.s: the movie is called 'Ballerina' and is not as Childish as the title suggests

  2. Oscar Kwok

    Can you please do a theory about Yugioh and their duel disks please,I am really loving the series,also it is their 20th anniversary, so please matpat.Thanks

  3. Devin Sloane

    Great video! Judging from the comments though, people are pretty upset by the use of the word "Stole" in the title. It doesn't quite convey the same feeling the video itself had.

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