4 thoughts on “How to cure weak erection and watery sperm

  1. Makaya Philips

    I am 38 years old married to my husband for 15 years now. I feel compelled to help women married or not who their man are having problem with weak erection & premature ejaculation. I have been there, I know how it feels when your man breaks down when you really need him to hit you hard in bed.
    My husband suffered from Weak Erection and Premature Ejaculation for 4 year's. It was hell for me. I was almost filing for a divorce. But, for the love I have for him and our kids, I chose to help him through his hard times. We tried EVERY available known English Medication it failed and worsen his BP.
    I couldn't watch my strong man become a shadow of himself every time we made love. So I went online in search for a total cure. I read testimonies of effective herbal medicine that will cures WE & PE without side effects. I contacted the email shared. Happily after 1 week of using the herbal medicine, my husband bounce back. 4 years of Weak Erection and Premature Ejaculation Gone!

    Ladies and Gents, if you need help for your sexual improvement, reach out to Dr. Mohan for his Effective Herbal Medication. I tell you it has restored my marriage. Contact him via drajaymohanbose@gmail

  2. Marlon Williams

    I have been watching your video you stated that you would be able to recommend certain products to consumers, I was wondering what you can recommend for me for I have low sperm count, erectile dysfunction as well as type 2 diabetes. You also mentioned penal exercises for optimal penal health so I was wondering where can I find such exercises. Finally I was wondering about the DVDs mentioned in your video you told of them not where to purchase however so if you can give a location that will be helping out a lot thank you in advance.

  3. Abby Johnston

    I'm 40, in good health. One day while having sex with my girl friend, i lost my erection… I started to get a case of performance anxiety… Every time i worried about losing my erection, boom… I lost it. Doing an internet search, i found Prolargentsize. I read the reviews and thought i'd give it a try. All i can say is wow!! I'm impressed. I ordered two bottles . About 2 hours after taking them, just the thought of having sex would bring on an erection. Probably the best part was, after cumming i stayed hard.. Thank you for this miraculous capsule from Prolargentsize

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