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  1. Cheeky Slime

    Hey Guys I I just made a slime account I want people to check it out I havent got the ingredients yet but im getting them soon <3 xx

  2. Paloma Valenzuela

    How to make jiggly slime : What you will need is.. A lot of water, Some glue (Depending how much slime you want to make), You usual slime activator (I used laundry detergent and mine looked really good but don't use salt or else it'll be chunky and gross), a container, and something to stir with.
    1. Take your glue and put it in the empty container and stir evenly.
    2. Put some water into the glue until its like watery glue.
    3. put in your slime activator (Into the glue and water)
    4. Once it clumped together dump the clumped up part onto a counter If you don't mind a mess, heh Or just use you hands to take the clumped art out, but don't drain the liquid, you'll need it.
    5. start needing the clumped part, if it doesn't become jiggly, add the liquid (the extra one i was talking about that you shouldn't drain)
    6. if THAT doesn't help, add more of your slime activator.

    If this works for you, please like my comment. I worked hard to figure out this recipe because with all the water i was expecting watery slime but it came out as jiggly, I hope this helps! <3

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