How Women Deceive and Cheat Men and Boys – MGTOW

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12 thoughts on “How Women Deceive and Cheat Men and Boys – MGTOW

  1. YouFixTube

    You are absolutely right! I was once in a job awhile back and the female manager hired, I believe her girl friend's sister to be my boss. She knows nothing whatsoever about the job. I had to train her because she has no clue of what she was hired to do, yet she was placed above me and earned more doing nothing. I mean, imagine employing an hairstylist to fly a jet with absolutely zero training, no experience or any aviation background. That's how bad it was.

  2. Madmok128

    Can you elaborate on the "he doesn't care what he looks like" statement? If he doesn't he probably should. Especially if he's competing for jobs with other young professionals.

  3. Abdul Osman

    She wear make up. Because she has low-self-esteem. Because make up is a facial enhancement face. And if she like want she looked like. She wouldn't even wear make up man. Real talk man.

  4. Ken Moore

    a few years ago at break time on a job i overheard one female say to another ` i want to meet a man who has lots of money`…..

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