16 thoughts on “I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt Cover) (Live) – Vevo UK @ The Great Escape 2015

  1. Frigity Frig

    This is actually my favorite cover… I heard it on spotify and it was so great that I assumed it would appear quickly on youtube but i had to do some searching…

  2. yussie88

    love your version second best!!! Tank's version is the best! Nontheless I listen to yours almost daily!! keep it up! hope youll achieve everything u want in life!

  3. Ellie Orchard

    Bridey your friend that works at simaritans told me about you as your a lot like me …I loveeeee your voice and she told me to check you out on YouTube (sneaky promo) c; I hope your okay I know you will never see this x

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