I Have What I Need on Hand for Future Events

When settiing into my new job, I found myself doing things the wrong way at times because I was in a new country where I wasn’t really aware that things could be so different. I had never known that it is good to give gifts to people you are hoping will become your clients, so I had nothing to give as a gift the first time I began working with my first big account. There is a website called FOTO88 that helped me when I had very little time to spare. I had already met with the client when I realized my faux pas. As soon as a fellow employee pointed it out to me, I was able to rush and order some nice items.

I’m a little bit amused now that I look back and see how naive I was about how things are not the same all over the world. Come to think about it, looking back on everything, I am really surprised that I got hired at all. Once I learned about how I was handling everything from my interview to things I did once I started the job, I realized that I handle things like an American and not the way they do anywhere else. I knew it was important to brush up on what I needed to know. The coworker who alerted me about giving clients helped me out with some ideas of what would be best for the customer.

Knowing that each customer should be treated as an individual, I made sure to order a variety of different things to give others. I wanted to have different things on hand so that I could quickly grab something whenever necessary. I knew that it would be pretty easy to mail order things, but having them on hand makes things even easier.

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