I Love My New Home

I knew that I had to find an apartment in Schaumburg IL sooner rather than later. I also knew that I did not have a lot of free time to do this because of my work schedule. I was working a lot of overtime, and I barely had time to take care of myself without having to worry about finding a new apartment in less than a month’s time. I decided that I would use the Internet, and it turned out to be a huge blessing for me because it is how I found Village in the Park, which is where I now live.

I liked the apartment layout there, but I also liked all of the amenities that are included with it too. I knew that I would not be working overtime like this much longer, so I was looking forward to all of the things that I would be able to do there once I had more free time. I was already used to an outdoor pool with most apartment complexes, but this one also had an indoor pool that is heated. Being able to swim year round is really appealing to me, not to mention the hot tub there too.

There are so many other nice things here too. I live on the second floor, and having a working elevator is so nice. My old apartment complex had one, but it was broke down more often than not. I can also enter into my apartment using a key fob, which is sweet. It makes it much nicer when I have my hands loaded down with bags of groceries. There is not a single here that I don’t like, and there are things that I am discovering every week about my new home. That is why I love it here so much!

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