Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Contract of Guarantee

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17 thoughts on “Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Contract of Guarantee

  1. Anchit Jassal

    sir I have got couple questions for u , it will be a great help for me if u answer them 

    Q1 Can surviving surety enforce the bank to recover loan from legal heir of the principal debtor?
    Q2 what if default of principal debtor is due to reasons beyond his control – will this fact mitigate liability of surety toward the creditor ?
    Q3 What if principal debtor has agreed to give consideration to surety -and then surety enters into contract of guarantee with the creditor , Is contract of guarantee valid ?
    Q4 What if creditor has played a role in failure of principal debtor to perform his promise can it be said that principal debtor has defaulted ?

  2. Abhishek Ray

    sir thank you aloottt , for all excellent videos its very much helpful but sir please upload more videos on ECL others topic……thanku…..

  3. Mahima Nirwan

    sir it's my humble request to you…. please upload the lecture of Breach of contract (full)…….

  4. Akshat Sharma

    Amazing Sir 🙂 You've made it soo easy to understand . I'm Glad that i found your channel 😀

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