6 thoughts on “Inside the NBA: Cavaliers-Celtics Game 2 Look Ahead | NBA on TNT

  1. Jason Avery

    It's hard enough to stop LeBron. It's even harder when he travels every time he comes off a pick and charges into the paint. Go back, rewatch it. EVERY TIME he takes off he picks up the dribble, carries the ball, takes 3 steps toward the rim and then jumps.

  2. Rob Robinson

    Can't wait for the finals, a bulldozing Lebron vs the brick wall Draymond Green would be something to watch, they are playing out of their minds this playoffs on their respective ends. The Celtics don't have a chance, they don't have a body that can make Lebron shots in the paint difficult, if you see the teams that have beat him or at least made it to 7, Pacers (Hibbert-West), Celtics (Kendrick-Garnett), Orlando (Howard), Warriors (Green-Bogut). He had his way with these east teams because they don't have that post defender or even a big body inside, the pacers had George defending him and Turner in the post and at least made it competitive

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