5 thoughts on “INSTRUCT DOES WHAT? Oranguru Analysis and Discussion – Early Sun & Moon Sets #26

  1. Rashid Bushra

    Great vid. Doing great in doubles with instruct. Helps a lot with my minimize chandelure and calm mind sableye

  2. ClexYoshi

    there needs to be so much lab time done with instruct. what happens if like… you instruct on an attack with charge time or recovery time? the obvious thing would be to say… double white herb instruct Geomancy for +4 Sp. Attack, +4 Sp. Defense, and +4 speed on Xerneas whenever they allow that. there's probably some sort of really broken Fling strat that could work too. passing a fun item after a red card switch could also be pretty darned fun as far as keeping battle momentum going.

    Inner Focus is much better for VGC as well, as it'll allow Oranguru to keep the opponent guessing if tossing Fake-out thier way will prevent it from setting up the Trick Room or not.

    THere's some REALLY dumb shinanigans that could be had with putting a Custap Berry on this pokemon with instruct. that would in theory allow you to take advantage of both ends of the spectrum of what you explained Instruct does. Although I'm not sure how Psychic Terrain interacts with Custap berry, I'm pretty sure the surprise priority EQ would be just loads of fun for Tapu Koko or something of similar ilk.

  3. Adam Chasing

    So this is what you get when you mix Zhuge Liang with an orangutang.
    A Zhuge Liangutang, if you will. 🙂

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