20 thoughts on “Irate – Gone

  1. 666deathghost

    To all the faggot long haired Denim and leather wearing bitches and scen/emo punks complaining about the way these ppl are moshing, get the fuck off this video, how the fuck you're into music that supposedly heavy, but complain about how ppl dance/throwdown to this type of music? Fuck that constant over done circle pit bullshit you thrash fags do, thats not intense, as if i wanna crash into a sweating fat guy throughout the whole show smh

  2. Matt Ferguson

    Pretty good songs listened to the whole album but wouldn't go to that ridiculousness guess its an east coast thing, in the west coast we grow our hair out and headbang

  3. OG Sam

    both Hardcore Dancing and Moshing are types of dance that were born into hardcore, if you don't like them just shut the hell up and let us dancers enjoy music as we deserve to

  4. Matt Wilson

    Great band great music except for the f**** ninja dancing that is going on in the crowd grab the dude next to you and knock his ass down and elbow the mother f*** that is trying to push you from behind in the face

  5. Adam Schmidt

    Hardcore dancin is all good man. fuck push moshing…..fuck that shit. I love it when the crowd gets moshed on to. "Dont wanna get hit? dont stand in the front…cry when ya do your nothing but a cunt." (Death Threat)

  6. Pete Petrich

    No wonder people get stabbed at shows like this. Idiot kids don't know how to leave the others alone. Also, with a broken neck twice and a fractured back, some of us can't afford to be in the middle of all that.

  7. Mikki Yeong

    waste of good musiic bunc of sissy's don there me asa girl would grind harder then those guys for sure

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