16 thoughts on “Jamey Johnson – In Color

  1. Joey DeRose

    My Grandfather did 4 tours in the Pacific – I will never be ever able to thank him enough for what he did…. 2 silver stars, 1 Purple Heart – RIP SeaBee Joey DeRose

  2. Billy Walchuk

    now THIS is the sort of music I grew up listening to… not this "Pop+banjo=country" BS I hear on the radio now…

  3. scott fox

    Those ww2 vets literally saved the world. My granddaddy drove across europe in the driver's seat of a sherman, and two of my grandmama's brothers were snipers. It's amazing what they could do with a rifle capable of 1000 yd headshots but topped with a scope with equivalent magnification to what they now put on bb guns.

  4. jim fallin

    this is for a beautiful lady i went to see today! I miss the days you use to babysit my butt? Stay strong!!

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