9 thoughts on “Jimmy Garoppolo Is Eager To Play! Should Tom Brady Be Worried? |Undisputed|

  1. Jason O'Daniel

    The season before weak arm cheater liar became the most overratedperson in sports history Drew Bledsoe was the starter. He threw 17 TD's and 13 INT's. The following season weak arm cheater liar threw 18 TD's and 12 INT's and so began the ESPN fiction wrestling storyline of how weak arm cheater liar single-handedly carried the Patriots to a title, ya know with one more TD and one less INT than the previous QB. Oh and practically no difference in yardage either if you add Bledsoe's 400 yards to weak arm cheater liar's 2,843 yards in 15 games total. Weak arm cheater liar put up basically the same stats that were just as shitty as the QB he replaced. It wasn't until cheater Bill designed the dink and dunk 5 yard pass offense to help weak arm cheater liar with his horrible arm strength and even worse accuracy a few seasons later that the 6th round arm strength and 6th round accuracy of weak arm cheater liar became marginally better but mostly only in INT's since any QB throwing 5 yard passes all day throws less INT's. Ya know Weak arm cheater liar and Alex Smith, both game managers only weak arm cheater liar somehow gets portrayed as a dynamic QB instead of the total Alex Smith he is. Go fuck yourself!

  2. John Coffelt

    I'm a huge Tom Brady fan… And I predict that Brady will retire after this season. And if he doesn't, then like Brady's father said, "it's going to end bad in New England for Tommy." As it's obvious that the Patriots want the younger Garropolo to be their Quarterback to replace Brady.

  3. Numba12Cede

    This nigga getting paid millions to sit on a bench and win rings lmfao I'd be happy asshit to be where he is.

  4. Thezerofreeze

    Tom brady is like a son to the franchise they won't ever push him out they will stay with him till he retires

  5. Thezerofreeze

    Come on the Patriots will be real with him they will say after tom brady retires your our guy if you want to stay but we are not forceing tom out without huge changes,

  6. Tripper Harrison

    Brady is done in 2 years. When it goes, it goes fast. Ask Manning, Marino. I'd keep Garapolo as long as I can. Garapolo is the REAL DEAL.

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