Justin Bieber and Questlove Drum-Off

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19 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and Questlove Drum-Off

  1. T0xiclad

    Quest love one Justin was shit and repeated the beats and as a drummer Justin fucked up and repeated the same thing with one extra drum what a fake ass

  2. xNe0n

    Quest would make him feel pathetic if it wasn't on live tv lol quest easily all day plus all he hits is the first cymbal wtf????

  3. P90Jungle

    See the thing is Justin ISN'T a drummer, he's a singer. Questlove is. I know Questlove could've easily beaten him, but it's a show, you have to understand that. By a singer's standard, I think Justin did pretty great.

  4. anuradha aeri

    I am not a Justin Bieber fan but every body is saying that he if fast but actually being fast epically in drum of is no too easy…. our muscles get exhausted which lead to crams. A PERSON WHO HAS STAMENA CAN ONLY PERFORM FAST AND IT ONLY CAN BE a professional drummer

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